San Jose Rock n Roll Half Marathon

San Jose Rock n Roll Half Marathon

San Jose Rock n Roll Half Marathon 2015

Well where do I start – I guess with my number: 1234 – thought it would be my lucky number but most certainly not today!

I spent Friday/Saturday working the expo – which was probably too much time on my feet but one can never tell.  Saturday evening I met up with Rene Kim & Shawna Clark at the Hilton Hotel – we were all spending the night there.  After collapsing on the bed for a short time with feet up it was time for dinner – a pretty healthy dinner of pasta w/chicken followed by chocolate cake (couldn’t resist) – shared three ways I may add!!  Then off to the hot tub to soak a while followed by what we all need to re-energize – SLEEP!  Wasn’t my best night – certainly not the worst.

Up early on race day – Ate a muffin which certainly isn’t my usual half marathon pre-fuel but is limited when staying in a hotel the night before. That should have been the first signal things weren’t going to go well.  The muffin was followed a short while later with Gu Energy Chomps and plenty of Cytomax.

Rene, Shawna, and I meet up with Rosaura, and off we head to bag check with thousands of other eager-to-race athletes.  Finding a quiet street we warm up a little and stretch before heading into Corral 1 & hugging each other good luck!  The gun fires and off we go – I like to hold back a little at the beginning but unfortunately was caught up with the excitement and slightly downhill start – my first two miles were a blow out – way too fast and I didn’t slow too much for the third mile. 

I slowed my pace down and felt quite comfortable until mile 7 – not sure what happened but I started to struggle and that comfortable pace disappeared.  Knowing I wasn’t going to reach my time from last year of 1:34 I hope that 1:35/1:36 would be acceptable!  Still having that competitive spirit I saw a woman I knew was in my AG pass me and wanting to stay within sight I tried to push it.  It took a couple of miles but I was able to catch up and pass. 

Wanting to stay ahead my pushing was having an effect on me.  Usually, by mile 10 I feel it’s time to pick up the pace – not today so I say to myself perhaps by mile 11.  Mile 11 passed – it wasn’t happening.  Mile 12 to 13 seemed like the longest mile – felt like I was giving my all but wasn’t getting very far with it.  The last two tenths of a mile I push and push – my legs were burning, and form was failing.  I see the clock and my heart sank – a disappointing 1:37+.

I didn’t have time to think too much about it – my legs were about to give way and as much as I tried to walk it wasn’t happening.  I was determined not to end up in the first aid tent – my body had a different idea and next thing I knew I was laying on the gurney with Rosaura, Shawna & Danilo to keep me company!  Cold towels placed over me – and given time I started to feel myself.  

As soon as I could walk steadily I could leave.  With Shawna & Danilo to support me we start to walk towards the exit of the athlete area. 

Rene joins us. Coming back to my old self suddenly I’m crippled in pain and can’t stand up – both my legs have cramped on me & I’m on the ground in what seems like pain worse that child bearing!  I’m literally screaming  for the cramps to disappear. 

At one point I thought they had and attempt to stand up but not one step later I’m on the ground again. What the hell is happening to me – never have I experienced this before.  A couple of passersby also come to my aid giving me gatorade and suggesting a banana to get the potassium into me to ease the cramps. 

A couple of EMS come over and try to stretch my legs out but the pain is too bad – they put ice on my legs and call for a wheelchair.  Here we go again back to first aid tent!!  My left leg being the worse is bandaged in ice and stretched out. 

By then I start to have a regular feeling in my legs & with my supporters (thank you, thank you, thank you) I hobble out of the first-aid area for the last time!

I’m eternally grateful to the support of fellow FOMO team-mates, Shawna, Rene, Rosaura & Danilo whom stuck with me the whole time – great team spirit.

Pain-free we all head to the plaza to enjoy the live music & drink the weak beer provided!!