Jen Bayliss second race report for 2016

Jen Bayliss second race report for 2016

I started off 2016 with marathons and just ended a shorter distance race cycle with a one-miler. My plan was to shake out some faster shorter races for the summer so I could ramp up mileage and training again in the fall for the longer distance races in winter and Spring 2017. Training for racing different distances within 8 months time was actually a lot of fun. I’m really looking forward to fall running and the start of a long marathon cycle.

My top three goals for the rest of the year are: 1) Place as high as possible in the PAUSATF circuits (Long, Short and XC) as I can. Athletes earn points per race and so far, I’m achieving my goal of placing high for the year for Women’s masters. 2) Give back as much as I can. It feels good to bring awareness to this sport. 3) I snuck in an aquathon in July. My first multi-sport race. I’d like to do more aqua’s or maybe a tri.

It’s race reports time…….

5/30/2016, The Marin Memorial 10K. This was my third race in 30 days. My three take always are 1) I really wanted to break 38 minutes so I ran a 37:58. 2) I was the 99th overall finisher. This is a fast race! 3) 2AG, 10th female finisher. 6:06 average mile pace.

6/5/2016, The Hook & Ladder 10K in Livermore. My three takeaways are 1) I struggled with the 10Ker’s and the 5Ker’s all heading towards the finish at the same time. Nothing to do about it, but I did have to come to a complete stop with about ¾ a mile to go to safely navigate around 5ker’s about 5 people wide on the path- never had to do that before. 2) The after party is truly amazing. Couldn’t find nicer people to hang out with. 3) 1AG, 2OAF. 39:38 was my time.

7/4/2016, The Freedom Fest 5K in Morgan Hill. I choose this 5K because it’s a race for the PAUSATF short circuit. My three take always are 1) this course is not pancake flat, its on a hill and the finish of this 5K is uphill. 2) I had a goal of wanting to run sub 18.13. Time of 17:49, 1AG, 4OAF. My trophy is a large engraved block of wood. It’s the coolest block of wood I’ve ever owned. 

7/24/2016, Wharf to Wharf (6 miles). I love running at the beach. My secret goals were to finish in the top 20 females, sub 36, and win my AG. Yeah! 1AG, 35:42, 14th female finisher. I tried really hard to stay with some boys up front, Brian, Alex and John. They were gone after mile two though. Got to figure out how to keep up with them.:)

7/30/2016, San Rafael Sunset Miracle mile (1.06). First race since college at night (5:30pm). I was nervous because my plan was to run like heck and stay at that pain threshold until one step passed the finish line. With my toe on the start line, I could heard the ladies behind me say, ”go get her” to someone. I knew I was the target, but I was now fired up even more not to be got. The gun went off and I took off like crazy. One Impala stayed with me, we dropped the rest of the field pretty quickly. I could see the Impala’s shadow in front of me down the straight away at the quarter mile mark. I watched my tangents, and had blocked out the noise & people shouting. For the final straight way, I thought of all those track workouts I have done and I just opened up to put a four second lead on Nancy. I won a PAUSATF Masters race! A masters race champion! This is likely a one time shot, how cool is that? 5:20, my Garmin had me at 5:01 mile. I guess the .06 adds up.

7/31/2016, Oakland International Triathlon. For my first swim/run I won the race outright. I swim then run all the time as regular training so this event was my first real transition. I learned something about myself. During the swim I thought about the transition and how to not waste time. For some reason that was bothering me. So, when I came out of the water, I shed my wetsuit really quickly, I ran to the mat they tell you to pass over, grabbed my race belt and ran back over the mat. Screw my watch, visor, glasses, socks, water & GU. Who wants to take the time and add the weight of all that gear? I think my T1 was like a second. Despite not really knowing what was going on because this event had so much going on, it as fun and I’d do it again. My time was 1:08. Not quite a mile swim and a 10K.