August 2016 Newsletter

August 2016 Newsletter

Grab a beverage and buckle in, this is a lot of club news… you aren’t going to want to miss this.

Fall Marathon Program

Our new fall marathon program, led by Ambassador Carrie Russell, officially kicked off on Thursday with our seminar by Kevin Sawchuk. Come train with your clubmates on Sunday mornings. This is a free benefit to our members. Even if you aren’t doing a marathon, you can still get in your long runs with some fantastic company. View the schedule and details.

Ambassador program

In addition to all of our weekly hosted activities, our ambassadors have been busy representing at various venues throughout the Bay Area– even Folsom Prison, really! Check out their adventures. If you haven’t been to one of Jen’s core sessions prior to the Wednesday night run, be sure to sneak out of work just a bit earlier to participate. It’s quickly becoming the “must-do” item before the run. Want to connect with fellow club members, check out all our weekly workout opportunities hosted by our Ambassadors and fellow club members. #FMRCambassadors

Volunteering & Treasurer

As with any volunteer group, changes with work and life can affect volunteer time. We said at our kickoff at the beginning of the year that we never wanted anyone to be afraid of committing to club volunteer efforts in fear that it would become too much. It’s always okay to just say “life happened” and then we make changes. We’re athletes, we roll with it. So please volunteer. Don’t know what you can do? No problem. Just drop us a note of what you are good at. Every member has skills to offer that you employ in your daily work and home lives. Tell us your passion and we’ll find a way for you to help (and fulfill your challenge series volunteer hours!).

That said, Dan Leonard, our Treasurer, had the awesome opportunity to start his own business, but it did mean that he needed to resign as Treasurer to focus 100% of his time on that venture. We wish him well! But that means we need a new Treasurer. The position entails very basic bookkeeping using QuickBooks online as well as engagement with the general business of running the club as a board member. Commitment is approximately 2-5 hours per month. We sure could use someone with accounting skills. Are you a CPA? We’d love to hear from you.

Yahoo Group & Communication Channel Changes

All good things must come to an end, and our Yahoo Group is now one of them (gasp!). Yes, it is time to move on. When we started the Yahoo group, it was because Facebook didn’t exist as a channel and our website wasn’t the best way to communicate. Neither of those things is true anymore. We have a new sparkly modern friendly website that just finished a platform migration (one of our board milestones) and Facebook is pretty much now the standard social communication channel. Also, we’ve been having increasing technical difficulties with the Yahoo channel timeliness as well as the fact that many members can’t receive Yahoo emails through their work firewalls. It also generates too much email spam on topics people don’t want. We just have too many communication channels to manage effectively and consistently by our volunteers (including this newsletter).

Coming up in September, we are going to be consolidating all communications into a new FMRC Facebook Private Group. Please start following it now. We are also going to be collapsing most, if not all, of our “extra” Facebook groups into a single group so everyone can see the club activities. This is important for our group to reach our entire club rather than just a portion of members as well as gain traction for volume in Facebook (Facebook feeds reward more interaction with higher rankings). This is also going to be one of our last emailed newsletters as we are moving away from big news drops that take a lot of time and collaboration to produce to more on-demand, frequent communications. The goal is to have the Yahoo migration completed by the end of September and turn off Yahoo 9/30.

I just heard the collective gasp all the way from here!!! But wait you say, I don’t have a Facebook account! Oh no! Not to worry, we will have the Facebook feed displayed on the website so you can get the information even if you don’t have an account. You won’t be left out in the cold (but you will receive a lot less email spam). The website also has all the latest calendar events and news available.

But what about my current Facebook FMRC small group? We still want you to get hot news in the primary channel for your favorite topics so there will be a new hashtag format added to posts to keep you connected. For instance, #FMRCtrails #FMRCtuesdaynightride #FMRCambassadors #FMRCswim #FMRCrunning, etc. Migration small groups will be on a slower pace as we need to work with all the owners of the groups on the transitions appropriate for each channel. Still freaking out? Drop us a note and we can connect to address your concerns. The FMRC President will be at the Tuesday night 8/23 ride as well as the 8/24 Wednesday night run if you want to chat.