2/6/16 FMRC Saturday ride – Bear Claw Bakery ride.

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HI FMRC Saturday riders,
I will be hosting the Saturday ride this week!! Carrie Chavez 925 487-6927

It will come as no surprise to many of you that I have picked the Bear Claw Bakery Route :-)!!! 62 glorious miles round trip from Danville to Pinole and back. Call all your friends and rally the troops!!! This is a great loop with yummy treats mid ride!!

Meet at 8AM in Danville at the corner of Railroad ave and Prospect near the steps of the railroad museum. We will have a pre ride briefing with the goal of rolling out by 8:05. The first 20-30 min are no drop chit chat pace and then the pace tends to pick up and groups of similar ability will form. Not to worry though. We do a lot of regroups and do our best to pair folks up with a veteran. If you are worried, send me a note and I will pair you up with someone pre ride. Please carry a copy of the route in case you get separated from the group.


Please familiarize yourself with the safety and etiquette guide attached.

See you on Saturday!!

Carrie Chavez


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