Board Meeting Minutes of April 12, 2017

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FMRC Board Meeting Minutes

April 12, 2017



Board Member Attendees: Christy James, Marty Breen, Joseph Condon, and Larry Feigenbaum


Absent: Monica Shaw


Also in attendance were Julie Pfeifle, Mandy Rewcastle, and Danilio Purlia.


Minutes from the March 15, 2017 meeting were unanimously approved.


There is $13, 412 in the bank, up from $12,180 last month.


Prices were obtained for the purchase of a lighter tent with rollers for use at club functions and races. Marty found out that the cost for the tent would be approximately $2,000. The Board voted to defer the purchase at this time.


Christy James proposed that the Board terms be reduced to 1-year from 2-years and that the new board be seated in September, instead of January. This would allow the new board to plan for the coming year. The outgoing board would meet with the new board in September to facilitate the change. A solicitation for new board members will be made in July and elections will be held during the first two weeks of August. The Board unanimously approved the proposal.


Christy James will reach out to Monica Shaw to determine the correct way to collect funds from club members for a discounted bulk order of tubes, tires, et al. from Livermore Cyclery in the near future. The Board wants to assure that applicable required taxes are handled correctly.


Hammer Nutrition will offer the club a discount on their products. The products will be purchased by Club members at discounted prices at the Forward Motion store.


All future uniforms will be purchased directly by club members from Jackaroo. This will eliminate any inventory by the club or the store, as was required in the past to meet minimum orders. Christy will finalize the design so that the online store can be opened. The existing club uniform inventory will be sold at the store on the weekend of May 20.



The meeting was adjourned at 8:30PM.




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