Board Meeting Minutes of April 27, 2016

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Board of Directors Minutes


Date: 4/10/16 at 7:37PM


Present: Christy James, Dan Leonard, Larry Feigenbaum, Marty Breen, and Joseph Condon







  • Approval was given to have a kit party social some time in June. Date to be determined once the kit delivery times are known.
  • Additional club shirts are available, one per club member, for members who did not receive a shirt at the most recent social.
  • Approval was given to expend $2,800 of club funds for the purchase of uniforms from Squadra, in order to meet minimum order requirements. Funds will subsequently be credited back to the club when items are sold to members.
  • The posting of workouts on Yahoo groups by club members and Ambassador team members was discussed. It was decided that all workouts which are held as scheduled will continue to be publicized as desired by the host.
  • Michael Stella, the host of the Saturday ride, will be offered a free membership and a cycling jersey in appreciation of his on-going support of the club’s weekly rides.
  • The new Challenge Series rules were discussed. Due to the ability to accrue unlimited volunteer hours/points, the Board members and Ambassador team members are leading by a large margin. It was determined that there will be two levels of awards at year-end so that all members will have an opportunity to win a challenge Series award.
  • All Challenge Series 2016 technology updates are complete and the program will be migrated in the future to a new server.
  • At present, no sponsors have signed up for 2016. Dan Leonard will reach out to Vali concerning her discussions with past and new potential sponsors.



The meeting was adjourned at 8:20PM.


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