Board Meeting Minutes of December 7, 2016

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FMRC Board Meeting Minutes

December 7, 2016



Board Member Attendees: Christy James, Joseph Condon, Marty Breen, Monica Shaw and various committee heads

Christy James welcomed everyone with a special thanks to the CIM athletes and Ambassador Team members who were present.

Minutes from the last meeting were unanimously approved.


The revised Ambassador Team and Elite Team programs for next year were discussed.  The Ambassador team is a volunteer team which is open to everyone who does a lot of volunteering for the club. They will receive points which will be tracked via an Activity tracker and participants will be able to choose a reward at the end of the year.


Elite Team – The Elite Program will no longer require any volunteer hours. Elite Team members can also participate in the Ambassador Program. Only 10 people will be selected.  They will be expected to be podium finishers. They will be asked to race at least 10 local races, including a few specific ones. Injured members will be expected to support sponsored activities. Members will be free to choose whatever kit pieces they want, up to a maximum of $1000.


Both programs will be covered in-depth at the kick-off meeting in January.



Those present were asked to give a few take-aways from this year:

  • Mandie Rewcastle – it would be good to know what discounts will be given at kick-off as they are sometimes better than those that we receive earlier.
  • Julie Pfifle– participation in IM branded races earned us early entry into certain races.
  • Danilo Purlia– need help getting race captains. The new Ambassador program may help with that.  We also need a lighter tent that is easier to haul around and set up. We will try to get race captains at the January kick-off party.
  • Steve Chavez – Have Ambassadors report volunteer hours on a monthly basis so we can share info with sponsors in a timelier fashion.
  • Janet Tsuji– Need to be better about inviting sponsors to social events.  They were sometimes the last to find out about events. Bottom line: we need better communication.


Holiday Party – Everything is shaping up.  Debbie Stone and Chrissy Blaisdale are working on the food and dessert contest. Patti Sears volunteered to make ornaments for all attendees and will provide a tree as well.  Janet Tsuji is working on the logistics and decorations.  About 60 people are expected to attend. Joe and Christy volunteered to supply beer.


Joe Condon mentioned the CPR clinic that was approved by the Board.  It will cost $160 for the Danville Grange.  Members will pay $40 per person at the door.


Taxes – Taxes have not been filed in a while.  Monica Shaw is working on cleaning it all up.  We are technically not a 501c 7 group as the paperwork was never completed properly.  Monica needs to file an exemption with the Franchise Tax Board.  The Board voted to approve the $400 expenditure for this filing.


Insurance – According to USAT, all officially sanctioned club events and workouts must obtain signed waivers from participants.  There was a big discussion regarding club workouts that are open to the public.  Any team member who hosts a workout and opens it up to community members could be financially liable if something should happen to someone. We want to be welcoming, but we need to also be careful.  Workout hosts should be informed of the risks and educated on possible liability. We need to obtain waivers at all officially sponsored events (i.e. the camping trip) and have waivers available for all non-members.


Kick-off party – First choice is January 29, second choice is January 22. Would like to get Oak Hill Park again.  Christy will check availability.


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