Board Meeting Minutes of March 15, 2017

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FMRC Board Meeting Minutes

March 15, 2017


Board Member Attendees: Christy James, Marty Breen, Joseph Condon, and Larry Feigenbaum

Absent: Monica Shaw


Minutes from the February 2017 meeting were unanimously approved.

The purchase of a lighter tent with rollers for use at club functions and races was discussed. Marty will explore pricing and report back.

The results of Julie Pfeifle’s survey concerning club interest in triathlon coaching were discussed. There were a total of only 16 responses. Results summarized below:

  • Most are experienced athletes.
  • 4 are targeting a full IM as their A race and are 1st timers.
  • 10 are interested in learning about coaching opportunities; 5 of those are currently coached, and 5 are not.
  • Equal number (7) ranked personalized 1:1 and group plans as their top choice.
  • Avg paid for 1:1 coach = $187.50 (n = 10), with range of 75 – 325
  • Avg paid for group plan = $62 (n = 10), with range of 15 – 80
  • Re: desire for a locally based coach, 3 don’t care, 5 kind of care, 6 definitely want local, and 0 wouldn’t be coached unless they had a local coach.

As a result of the limited response from the survey, Christy reached out to local triathlon coach, Robert Reinhard, owner of Tri-Active Endurance. Tri-Active Endurance has become a new platinum sponsor and the club has received a $1,000 check. Rob will provide discounts on a variety of training packages/classes to club members. All information has been added to the club website. In addition, Endurance Nation has agreed to offer a club discount for those who desire less one-on-one coaching.

There is a significant amount of uniform inventory. In light of that, the Board decided to move to a one off triathlon uniform vendor, as is currently the case for cycling uniforms. This will allow a member to order from an online storefront as desired.

There are presently 204 active members. There continues to be a lack of participation by members at club events, races, and on the volunteer front. The Board feels that unless the club starts making our workouts exclusive, and not open on an on-going basis to non-members, membership will continue o decline. There is limited number of younger members in the club and many former members have now spun off their own training groups.

Christy James proposed that the Board terms be reduced to 1-year from 2-years and that the new board be seated in September, instead of January. This allows the new board to plan for the coming year. The outgoing board would meet with the new board in September to facilitate the change. A vote on the proposal will be taken in April.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30PM.



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