Board Meeting Minutes of October 12, 2016

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Board of Directors Minutes

Date: 10/12/16 at 7:30PM


Present: Board Members: Christy James, Larry Feigenbaum, and Joseph Condon. Committee Leads and members present: Carrie Assell, Julie Pfeifle, Mandie Rewcastle, Linda Frederick Flower, Danilo Purlia, and Jen Bayliss


  • The minutes of the 9/14/16 meeting were approved.
  • Monica Shaw has accepted the job as Treasurer and was approved by a unanimous vote of the Board.
  • Larry Feigenbaum reported there is $10,452.28 in the bank. Payments made since the last meeting were $3,014.26 for Squadra inventory and $1,000 to Joe Condon as reimbursement for the camping trip (largely offset by member payments before the August trip.)
  • Christy James discussed the clubs insurance policy which covers any workouts by 2 or more members. Any non-members present would not be covered. Potentially all members would be charged $10 in 2017 for coverage. Christy will talk to the agent concerning non-member coverage.
  • Christy gave a summary of the club survey which covered the transition from Yahoo to Facebook for club communications and the member’s perception(s) of the Board. 240 members were contacted. 53 responded, including 48 members. 11%-12% di not have Facebook and a like number did not have Facebook. 60% liked Yahoo more but there are more engagements on Facebook. 76% of the membership was neutral to favorably disposed toward the Board. (Ratings were 1 to 5 points)
  • There was a discussion concerning the difficulty of serving the multiple disciplines – swim, bike, run, ultras, etc. – of the Club. There was also a discussion of the multiple workouts which occur weekly and the potential advantages of fewer workouts which could potentially facilitate increased participation at key workouts and the availability of a greater number of training partners for members.
  • Christy James highlighted contemplated changes related to a proposed elite team and a volunteer ambassador team. (Details attached.)

All persons present thought that both programs would be well received by elite athletes and those who feel that they have not been rewarded for their volunteer hours.

  • Julie Pfeifle discussed the early registration slots offered to the club by Ironman for Ironman Arizona and Ironman Florida. A decision was made to contact the membership and obtain names from interested members.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45PM.



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