Board Meeting Minutes of September 14, 2016

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Board of Directors Minutes

Date: 9/14/16 at 7:30PM


Present: Board Members: Christy James, Larry Feigenbaum, and Joseph Condon


  • The minutes of the 8/3/16 meeting were approved.
  • The social planned for September 18th will be held, as announced, with the hope that there will be increased rsvp’s in the next few days.
  • Larry Feigenbaum reported there is $14, 976.56 in the bank.
  • Christy James affirmed that Yahoo would be closed down by the end of September, as the club’s new Facebook page appears to be gaining good traction.
  • Member Chris Engen has agreed to be the club’s social moderator, with an emphasis on the club’s Facebook page. For now, the Board has agreed to allow both members and non-members the ability to see the club’s Facebook page.
  • Rich Hoyt has tendered his resignation as Communications Director.
  • Christy James will prepare an outline of proposed changes, for review by the Board and Committee Leads in October, to the 2017 Ambassador and Volunteer Programs.
  • 2016 Sponsorship: With no sponsorship committee lead, potential/existing sponsors will be contact by Board members. It was proposed that sponsorship exclusivity by service would be granted with a $1,500 payment.
  • Insurance: Christy James reviewed The USAT policy. All workouts are covered whenever 2 or more members get together. Non-members may not be covered and must be researched further.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:30PM.



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