Board Meeting Minutes of August 3, 2016

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Board of Directors Minutes


Date: 8/3/16 at 7:30PM


Present: Board Members: Christy James, Larry Feigenbaum, Marty Breen and Committee Leads Steve and Carrie Chavez, Mandie Rewcastle, Val Holroyd, Veronica  Fujisawa, and Janet Tsuji.


  • The minutes of the 7/20/16 meeting were approved, with edits, and have been posted on the Club website. Squadra will continue to be the provider of tri kits, while Jackaroo will provide bicycle kits.
  • Christy James gave an overview of the club and financials. Over the past 15 months we have had 179 memberships roll off and the Club gained 103 members. Expired members were recently emailed and 8 renewed. Membership was 230 as of August 2016. Christy will review the Club’s insurance policy.. currently costing approximately $5,000 /year to understand our coverage in order to better understand coverage of club sanctioned activities and “personal workouts” hosted by club members. There is $13,035.70 in the Bank. Approximately $2,000 will be required for the uniforms presently being stocked by Marty in the Forward Motion store and $5,000 for the insurance renewal. As a result, excess funds will continue to decline, as they have been doing year-to-year since 2009.
  • Val Holroyd reported that major sponsors were not contacted in the fall of 2015 for 2016 and therefore the club missed out. That and the lack of meaningful follow-up in 2016 resulted in the receipt of minimal sponsorship dollars in 2016.
  • Dan Leonard has resigned as Treasure effective 9/7/16. A new Treasurer would serve Dan’s remaining term to 12/17, as approved by the board.
  • The Club’s website has been successfully migrated from Janet Fazio’s server to an outside vendor. Christy explained the upcoming migration of the clubs communications from Yahoo groups to Facebook in August. This should allow for improved communications to all members and eliminate duplication from numerous club Facebook sites.
  • Social – Janet Tsuji indicated a potential get together of club members at Buffalo Wild Wings during the Olympics. Debbie Stone to organize. A club picnic on September 18th is to be organized by Janet Tsuji. Place TBD. Veteran’s Hall in Danville has been secured for the December 11th Christmas Party. A down payment will be made by Larry Feigenbaum.
  • Mandie Rewcastle, triathlon, mentioned that local triathlon race directors have noticed a major decline in participation by Forward Motion Race Club participants. All directors are looking for race volunteers.
  • Steve Chavez, Ambassador Team Lead, indicated that the Kevin Sawchuck presentation will occur in back of Forward Motion on August 18. Kevin will be paid an honorarium of $100. This will tie in with the Sunday long run marathon training program, hosted by Carrie Assell, which begins on August 2.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:15PM.



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