Core/Functional Fitness workout at 6pm Wednesday!!

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6pm, this Wednesday join John Walters for a short core workout before WNR. Jen Bayliss will be away this week.

Please join us at Wednesday Night Run (WNR) at 6pm for 15-20 minutes of a functional workout before WNR. Starting at the store, we run to the grass area in front of the Danville library and will do various sets of abdominal and other exercises, mixed in with short easy runs in between.

Everyone is welcome. Please join us.

John & Jen


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2016 will be my 4th year as an FMRC Ambassador. My favorite events are those on the trails, either running or riding. I moved to the Bay Area in 1999. The people I met during the Wednesday Night Run were a large influence for my relocation. I love the FMRC community and find that there is a direct correlation between my happiness and the time I spend at club workouts, functions and the Wednesday Night Runs. Learn more about me at 

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