Davis Stampede!

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We came – it rained – we conquered! Approximately 30+ Forward Motion athletes braved the once was overcast skies to race either a 5K, 10K or half marathon. I chose the 10K as once finishing I enjoy cheering those members of our club whom chose the half marathon. The morning started off a little dreary but there was hope the clouds would pass. Yeah right – upon finishing a warm-up wearing my new Nike Flyknit shoes and heading to the starting line the slightest of sprinkles started. Oh only sprinkles – they will pass over. The race started and I head off along the course feeling pretty good with Nike Flyknits. I pace myself evenly but the wind begins to whip up and those sprinkles start to turn to rain – real rain that we haven’t experienced in quite some time! – With about 2.5 miles to go the ‘heaven’s open’ and it downpours. My shoes become heavy and my pace slows due to the rain/wind but I keep on pumping those arms hoping it hasn’t made that much of a difference. Finally the finish line in sight and with a last final sprint I make it in 43:41 – good enough for 4th female overall and 1st AG. Quite a happy lady but a bloody freezing one – quick change and out I go again to cheer in the poor Half Marathoners whom are really suffering with what is by now has turned to torrential downpours and cooler temps. Regardless of the weather everyone finished their registered distance with many podiums by FM athletes. Way to conquer all!!


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