Fall safety tips for running

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As fall approaches, you should definitely look forward to the amazing opportunities for running outdoors that it provides; however, at the same time, you should also be aware of the dangers that become more present during the fall season, especially as the days grow shorter and night falls earlier and earlier each day. Keep the following safety tips in mind so that you can maximize your outdoor running experience:
1. Stay hydrated
Although fall signifies the end of summer, keep in mind that heat waves often strike during September and October and that even if it’s not particularly hot, you still need to make sure that you get enough water at a consistent rate. Dehydration is dangerous and can occur at any time; stay hydrated throughout the day and while you are running.
2. Wear layers
As fall approaches so does inclement weather, which can come upon you suddenly and unexpectedly. Having layers of clothing that you can put on and take off at a moment’s notice will save you a lot of discomfort, and keep you safe from dangers such as excessive heat or cold.
3. Wear reflective vest or bright colors
As it gets dark sooner, you may find yourself having to run in the twilight or even at night. Wearing a reflective vest, or generally, any colors that stand out even in the dark will help protect you from motorists and bicyclists that otherwise may not see you in the dark.
4. Walk the route in clear daylight before you run it
Scoping out the route of your run will help you avoid getting lost, which can be very dangerous during fall, when the nights are longer and exposure can cause severe injury or even death. Know where you plan to go so that you can complete your run without any complications!
5. Be aware of wet leaves and fallen foliage
One of the unique dangers that fall presents is the fallen foliage, which, while beautiful, can also cause you to slip and fall. Watch out for wet leaves, as well as fallen branches or anything that might cause you to trip, especially if there’s been a storm recently.
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