FMRC Ironman All World Athletes

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Congratulations to the 2015 Ironman All World Athletes!  These studs and studettes earned this coveted status by being top 1% (Gold), 5% (Silver), or 10% (Bronze) in their respective age groups over the whole season of IM, 70.3, or Overall racing.  With this status comes some great perks in 2016, like priority access to athlete registration, as well as special recognition on your race bib and swim cap, and in the race program.  Kudos to you all!!

2015 Ironman All World Athletes 

Norm Yamada, AWA Bronze
Dustin Romero, AWA Bronze
Mark Hober, AWA Silver
James Gardner, AWA Bronze
Janet Tsuji, AWA Bronze
Steven Chavez, AWA Bronze
Eldred Fountain, AWA Silver
Earl Brizee, AWA Bronze
Chuck Ojeda, AWA Gold
Kevin Kelly, AWA Silver
Ron Kalich, AWA Bronze
Ross Hillesheim, AWA Gold


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