Ambassador: Brian Collett

Age group: 30-34

Sports bio: I’ve been playing sports since I was five years old, originally playing soccer, though in addition when I was younger I played baseball (pitcher & second base) and basketball (point guard) as well. When I was a sophomore in high-school (in 2000) I decided to get into running to serve as conditioning between soccer seasons, and joined the cross country and track teams. After soccer lost its appeal I did cross country and track in college, having a blast and racing my heart out. After graduating in ’06, I decided to keep running, having really enjoyed it. I decided to continue to race in 5Ks and 10Ks given I had done a few during college and really liked the distance. In the last couple of years I’ve added Half Marathons and the occasional Marathon into the mix. Nowadays you can usually find me at a bunch of races all over the bay area, meeting up with friends and having a blast!

Highlights from last season: Won 8 of 43 races (As of Dec 6th) or 19% for 2014 and medaled in 40 or 93%.
• Breaking my Marathon PR by 2 minutes at the Santa Rosa Marathon, and coming within a minute of qualifying for Boston.
• Winning the Davis Turkey Trot 10K, the first time I’ve ever won in that city despite doing many races there.
Favorite race experience: Winning the first ever Thin Air Distance Festival, a series of four races (10K, 11K, 10 Mile, 5K) over a four day period in the hills of Lake Tahoe. Each course was rather challenging, and while I was drained by the end, it ended up being a great trip.

Worst race experience: The first year I did Bay to Breakers was the year it rained heavily, and I was under-prepared for it, wearing only a cotton shirt and simple shorts. To make matters worse my Mom, who was walking the course, had our Bart tickets, meaning I had to wait for her to finish. Considering we finish right near the ocean, and the massive winds that accompanied the rain, I can’t remember a time I felt more miserable.

One unique thing about you or your life: In addition to racing, I’m also a good karaoke singer.

Best training/racing advice ever received: “Know yourself.” Know what you can and cannot do. Know what your strengths and weaknesses are. Only then can you move forward.

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