Ambassador: Carrie Chavez

Age Group: 45-49

Sports Bio (brief): I was not an athlete as a young child. I never played any sports and by the age of 14, I was 50 pounds overweight! Being an overweight teenage girl is the pits. I started “jogging” with my Dad, changed my diet and lost all the weight. I joined the track team as a freshman in HS and a running career was born. I ABSOLUTELY loved to run. I ran cross country, indoor and outdoor track in HS. Then went on to study Physical Therapy in college and ran 4 years of cross country. I ran my first marathon at age 19, as a sophomore, in 3:44 with no long run training. STUPID!! My longest runs were 10 miles. Needless to say that marathon was brutal. Completely scarred, I did not do another marathon until I was 27. I ran lots of road races and marathons in my 20’s and eventually qualified for Boston when I was 28. I thought this was the pinnacle for me. I could not imagine having any more lofty of a goal UNTIL I moved to California that year and was introduced to a bunch of Ironman athletes. It took a little while to do my first triathlon because I needed to LEARN to swim. YUP!! Started at age 30. First triathlon a few months later and Ironman the very next year. I have completed 15 Ironman triathlons since 1999. Nothing will ever compare to my first one!!! JUST INCREDIBLE!! I have accomplished more than I could have ever imagined for myself. There are no more milestone goals in my future. Instead my focus is on training hard, helping others and racing my best on the day. I am enjoying sharing this lifestyle with my husband and daughter and working with them on meeting their goals. The power of a supportive family is incredible.

5KM 18:16
10KM 38:41
Half Marathon 1:27:42
Marathon 3:08:34
50K 5:18
Olympic distance: 2:22
Half Ironman, Vineman 5:03
Ironman Mont Tremblant: 11:27

Highlights of past season(s):
1.Running with my 10 year old daughter Madison in her first 10K this past year. She smiled the whole way while exclaiming: “This is the best day ever, Mom”!!!

2. Watching my husband come back from an Achilles tendon tear he suffered in 2013. He was so patient. I am beyond proud of him. It took 14 months to heal. He did all of his exercises and treatments and waited for it to heal. Seeing him run again and being able to run together as a family is the biggest highlight of the year!!!

3. Summiting Mount Diablo on a run. I have summited Diablo 100’s of times on my bike and I have run on Diablo for 16 years but never ran to the Summit. I enlisted a crew of FMRC folks to go with me and we all did it!!! That was a very big day.

Favorite race experience:
In 2000 I ran CIM without a time goal. Just going there to run it with friends and hopefully not be any slower. My previous best was 3:15 so I was hoping for something in that range. We started off and it felt so easy. I was relaxed and chatting with a guy I knew from the Wednesday night runs. This was all pre Garmin era. We ran on feel and waited for the mile markers. The mile split readers were saying we were on 3:08 pace. WHAT?? I kept thinking I better slow down. But it felt easy. I kept up the pace AND NEVER SLOWED DOWN!!! HOLY Cow!! We ended up running the entire race together with perfectly even 1:34 splits and finished in 3:08. NO RACE WILL EVER TOP THAT ONE!!!

Worst race experience:
In 2007 I raced Ironman Arizona in April. I had an inflated sense of self and felt I was going there to get a KONA slot ( as if?). The day was WINDY( like Wizard of Oz wind). I did not adjust my plan due to the weather and went out too hard on the bike chasing a time goal,and in the last 30 miles skidded into T2 completely gassed. I tried to drop out in T2 but the volunteers would not let me and pushed me out on to the run course. I somehow finished and vowed to always race within myself. I also decided KONA was likely not in the cards for me but I was going to continue training hard and if it happened some day that would be great.

One unique or interesting fact about you or your life:
I love the LORD!! The highlight of our week is going to church together as a family on Sunday night and serving as volunteer greeters. Both Steve and I speak at IronPrayer events around the country.

Best training advice ever received:
To get fast you need to train fast. Smart, focused, specific fast paced training interspersed with rest will make you very very fit!!

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