Ambassador: Jennifer Bayliss

Sports Bio: Track, Cross Country in high school and college.

Highlights of past season(s):
I completed my first marathon in 2015. That was New York City. Although the next two marathons closely following NYC were much faster times, all three (NYC, Carlsbad, CA, and Tallahassee, FL) each held special meaning and memories that are lifetime achievements for me.

Favorite Race Experience: Joining the Pacific Association USATF has put me to the test. The competitive circuits offered by the association have all been my favorite because each one made me push myself harder to stay competitive with this group.

Worst Race Experience: All my marathons. NYC was physically painful as I ran through piraformis syndrome. Carlsbad was fine until I stopped running. I was never so sore later that day(s) in my life. Tallahassee was bittersweet, coming in second overall, and the third marathon in 3 months was a mental toughness like no other.

One unique or interesting fact about you or your life: My running career started when I was young, with a 15 year break after college to have and raise a family, I’m now giving running attention again and I love it.

Best training advice ever received: Well done is better than well said.

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