Ambassador: John Walters

Sports Bio:
In High School, I was active in Football, Hockey and Track. I started running a little in 1996 and completed the Chicago Marathon in 1997. Came to CA in 1999 and started racing triathlons after meeting and training with Forward Motion. Raced triathlons until 2008 and then started racing bikes in 2009. In 2010, finished 2nd in the Best All-around Rider competition for Northern CA and NV in the Cat 4 35+ category. I split my training time between crossfit, running and cycling. I really enjoy the hilly, off-road terrain in this wonderful area we live in so I spend much of my training time riding and running on fire roads and single-track. The races I most look forward to are on dirt and include lots of climbing.

Highlights from last season:
Competed in two national championships for urban adventure races and finished with a 3rd and three 1st’s in my cyclocross races.

Favorite race experience:
For the past two years, I’ve travelled to Oregon to compete in the Wild Canyon Games as part of a 7-person team. The Games consist of an off-road triathlon, geocaching, challenge events (e.g., zip-lining, mud obstacle run, high ropes obstacle course, etc), and a team relay. In 2013 we finished 4th of 140+ teams and in 2014 we finished 2nd.

Worst race experience:
I was in Temecula pre-riding the mountain bike portion of an Xterra race I was participating in a couple days later. While descending a fire-road I couldn’t avoid riding into a water rut. I successfully rode it but as I tried to pop out of it my front tire took a hard impact and my carbon frame had a catastrophic failure. By the time I came to rest, my bike frame was in three pieces. Sadly, I didn’t fare much better. I had broken 4 bones and two teeth among other injuries.

One unique thing about you or your life:
I’m a delicate flower, I’ve broken over 20 bones in my lifetime.

Best training/racing advice ever received:
When running or riding up a long hill there is a tendency to ease up just as the hill is cresting. A friend and runner I respected once told me to push hard until I complete the ascent. For most this probably seems a no-brainer, but for me this has made a difference in my training and racing.

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