Ambassador: Veronica Fujisawa

Age Group: 40-45

Sports Bio:
I see myself as a very ordinary person who has somehow managed to accomplish what some people think is extraordinary. I grew up playing recreational soccer as a child, but never really pursued running during my early years. I went to an all girls Catholic boarding school for high school where I played varsity Field Hockey for 4 years. After high school, I shifted my focus from sports to just being a college student. After college, I went on to the working world, helped take care of my sick father who eventually passed away after a long illness then left to live abroad. Before I knew it, I was married with two kids. It was after my kids were born that I felt the need to rekindle my love of running and entered my first 10k. Well, 17 marathons and 10+ ultra marathons later, here I am. A mother of two children, trying to hold it together at home, working full time in San Francisco yet thriving on getting down and dirty on the trails on the weekends. Given my busy life, I have to get creative with my free time to focus on my ultra marathon training yet still trying to stay connected with and help the running community which has helped me so much. I found FMRC through a fellow member and started out attending the Wednesday am track sessions and have met some of my best friends and sources of support through FMRC. I am truly grateful for this club and what it stands for and it means a lot to me that I am still learning and that I will now be able to pay it forward.

Highlights from last season:

– Completing my first 100 mile trail race – Rio Del Lago 100 mile Endurance Run
– Qualifying for the Boston Marathon – Santa Rosa Marathon
– 2nd Overall Female – Headlands Marathon
– Top Female Leaders – American River 50 mile Endurance Run
– 1st AG – Canyon Meadow 30k (Summer)
– 2nd AG – Canyon Meadow 30k (Winter)
– 2nd AG – Rodeo Valley 50k
– 3rd Overall Female – CTR Diablo 50k
– 5th AG – See Jane Run Half Marathon

Favorite Race Experience:
Completing 2013 Racing the Planet – Iceland: a 156 mile, self-supported, stage ultra marathon over 6 days

Worst Race Experience:
2012 Long Beach Marathon – I never felt more prepared for a marathon. However, I neglected to pace myself correctly in the SoCal heat and humidity, which led to a major bonk starting at mile 11. It was a death march from then on and my recovery took forever. I remember feeling mentally and physically broken and after a brief pity party, it turned into determination to nail the next marathon.

Unique thing about your life:
I studied Fashion Design in Paris and truly believe that in a past life I was designing clothes and living in a loft in New York City as I love to sew and knit – I even made my cousin’s wedding dress! I also played classical piano at the competitive level for 17 years.

Best training/racing advice ever received:
Rest days and recovery runs are just as important as this is when your muscles are taking in all the benefits of your hard training sessions – Ian Sharman (coach and world class ultra marathoner)

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