Board of Directors

Joe Condon
Joe Condon is honored to serve as President. He joined the club in 2010 after being a hanger-on for a couple years. He is primarily a runner, but one day Sharley Simpson said, You should try Triathlon. So he did. He learned to swim and has become somewhat proficient on the bike. He enjoys camping, fishing, hunting, and all outdoor sports. He is mechanically inclined and likes to figure stuff out. He has the most adorable dog named Canelo that goes with him most places. Joe likes meeting new people and is trying to bring in new members. When Joe is not with the group He is usually slaving away at work, Raising chickens and Turkeys, or trying to grow some new exotic produce in his garden.
Phil Pierpont
Vice President
I joined FMRC in 2010 largely because of my wife, Kimber Kaiser. She finished Ironman Canada that year, and I was her support crew. I was moved and inspired by the wide range of ages, abilities, and backgrounds of the competitors. The sport of triathlon presented a unique challenge to each individual involved. Having never even raced a 5K at that point, much less a triathlon, Kimber convinced me to register for Wildflower in 2011. Why not? I figured. For those of you who know me, I'm not exactly the prototypical triathlete build! I survived that race and even looked forward to the next one - I was hooked! Over the next 6 years, I completed three Half Ironmans, more Olympic distance races than I can count, three marathons, and numerous road and trail races. For the last couple years, I have sponsored the Club through my business, Sunrise Mountain Sports. Now I feel that it's time I give back to the Club by serving on the Board of Directors. Let's have a great year in 2018!
Jiah Barnett
Jiah Barnett is a newer member of the running and multisport community and moved to the Bay Area in 2013. She very much enjoys the variety of events offered throughout the year!

Monica Shaw
Check back soon for Monica’s bio
Marty Breen
Title Sponsor
Director, Forward Motion Sports


Committee Leads

Communication: Janet Fazio
Running: Danilo Purlia
Sponsorship: Paul Perrone
Social: Open Position
Triathlon – Ironman Club Liason: Julie Pfeifle