Social Policy

Our social policy is pretty simple at heart, apply the Golden Rule. Be kind, be supportive. Don’t spam and be topically relevant. Anything else will be moderated. We also have a couple of rules below that we follow for posting and moderation.

The rule basics:

  1. No posts promoting products or services that are in direct conflict or competition with our club sponsors. This includes business promotions for non-sponsors, see #2.
  2. No solicitations for personal causes or business. We love that you support causes in your life, but our club forum is not the place for personal fundraising or non-sponsor business promotion. Leave that to your personal pages. Two exceptions are allowed: Items supporting our official ALS charity events (again not personal requests for $, just event awareness) and official FMRC sponsor promotional posts.
  3. Members may post items for sale relevant to athletic actives (e.g. athletic equipment). Sales or illegal transfers of race numbers, unless allowed under race rules by the race director, are prohibited.
  4. No discount codes shared on site. The social groups have more people that view them than just our members. Discount codes are a membership benefit and are listed on our website. If you have a code for our members, submit it through the site and we’ll get it added to our discounts page.
  5. Race promotion: This one is a fine line and the line is drawn between team members chatting about upcoming races versus outside race directors or non-members “pushing” content to our members as a marketing channel. If you have a for-profit race you would like to promote, send the race with associated discount codes via the website and we will get it out to our members after the sport lead reviews the submission. Local races that support local charitable causes are okay (e.g. memorials), general fundraisers attached to a for-profit endeavor are not.
  6. Volunteer asks. Ask must be by a FMRC member that is leading the effort. Use good judgement.
  7. No calendar items. Unfortunately we can’t shut this off in Facebook. We would if we could but alas, it is part of the group function. All calendar events are planned and RSVP’d through our website.

Moderated posts will be removed from the channel and the poster notified. Continued violation of moderation policies will result in revoking all membership rights to social forums.