Challenge Series

Challenge Series

The goal of the Challenge Series is to promote event participation in uniform and service to the Club in our local area. A special award is given to all participants who meet the guidelines outlined below. Past awards have included club jackets, fleece vests, tech shirts, etc. The awards will be determined by the Board of Directors at year–end. The program is focused on club member participation. Placements are no longer ranked.

2018 Challenge Series Race List

Requirements for the calendar year:
1. Complete at least 6 club feature races (see list) exclusively in the official FMRC uniform
2. Complete at least 8 total races (the 6 above are included in this total) exclusively in the official FMRC uniform
3. Complete 5 hours of volunteer service to the Club.*  Examples: committee work, race captain, leading club sponsored workout (not an ad hoc activity- club sponsored items are on our group workout page). service on BOD, help with a Club event or promotion, mentor another Club member, etc. *Volunteer hours for athletic events do not count (e.g. race support). Running your own personal workout and inviting others to join in does not count. It must be supporting club operational functions. We do encourage community service and giving back to the race directors, but it does not count toward the challenge series. Other activities may be logged as part of the Ambassador Volunteer program, but only activities supporting club operations will count towards the Challenge Series.  The point of the volunteer hours is to support the operational needs for what it takes to run an all-volunteer supported club.
4. Reach a minimum of 50 total points.
5. Log your races on the FMRC website. Log your Volunteer Activities. Activities must be logged within 30 days of the event. All races must be logged by Jan 3, 2019 to be eligible.

The Rules:
Points are first assigned by race type and distance. Longer races are worth more points. Races have two multipliers available to maximize your point value (like Scrabble). Ambassador Team members are eligible to participate.
1. Bay Area races: (as defined by races typically within and easy same day driving distance– for us that would be from Tahoe/Sacramento/Santa Rosa to San Jose/Monterey). It is on the honor system as defined as representing the club in our local market, aka a general guideline draw a ~3 hour max distance ring from Danville, see map below for a general guideline. Remember, the spirit of this is to promote our club in our local market, not to find a cherry-picked edge case that pushes the boundaries. Bay Area races get you 2x the point value of the distance.
2. Club Feature races: these are our traditional challenge series races where we want a big club turnout at the event. At most of the venues, you can expect the FMRC tent to be up at the start and lots of team camaraderie. Club feature races get you 5x the point value of the distance.
3. Races anywhere in the world in team kit are worth their base 1x value.

Download the points chart to chart out your season.

Bay Area Guideline

Need a reminder?
Here is the list of the 2017 Challenge Series Races