Cycling  :  Kid’s Program

Group Workouts

Have you ever skipped that last track or swim interval because nobody was there to keep you going? Have you ever taken it a bit easier than you should while cycling up a hill because you didn’t have any competition? If so, then you understand the benefit of working out with others. Throughout each week, FMRC provides multiple opportunities for members to train with partners or in groups. All real time group updates are posted at our Facebook group page. We invite you to join us sometime:
Monday Track at 6 p.m. at Las Lomas High School in Walnut Creek
Tuesday Track at 6 a.m. at Las Lomas High School in Walnut Creek Track at 6 a.m. at Cal High in San Ramon (On hiatus for the winter) Diablo Ride to the Junction 6:00 p.m. from the Danville Train Depot. (Seasonal, begins mid-April and ends early September), see cycling
– Alternate self-start: 5:50pm Green Valley School. Everyone rides the same route, but with an earlier start. That allows our slower riders and our faster riders to hit the junction at about the same time. It also allows those that descend at a slower pace to end the ride before it gets too dark. If you are a very slow descender and learning the mountain, you are very welcome to ride and we want you to join us. But please make sure you are either comfortable with the route and descending solo or have a pace buddy. There is no official club sag for this ride and we want to make sure everyone makes it back safely. 

Wednesday Wednesday Night Run at 6:30 p.m. at Forward Motion Sports Free Rolling and Core session at 6-6:25pm at Forward Motion Sports . All levels are welcome, even if you are not sure what Rolling or Core entails. Invite your friends to come too. We will be in the back lot behind the store. Bring a roller and mat if you got them. If you can’t make it at 6, join us and jump in when you get there. We will roll for a few minutes then do core. The core sessions are short and quick and not intended to make you sore.

Thursday Tempo Run at 6am in Pleasanton at Peets Coffee & Tea at the corner of Valley and Hopyard Tempo Run at 6am in Walnut Creek at Intersection of Rudgear Road/Danville Blvd/Iron Horse Trail Hill Repeats at 6:30pm in Lafayette at St. Anselms Episcopal Church
Saturday Ride 8:30am starting from Livermore Cyclery, Alamo Our club bike sponsor, Livermore Cyclery, will host a Saturday no-drop ride. Check Facebook group for weekly details for routes and weather related updates. The ride will be 20-50 miles and is NO DROP. The ride is open to riders of all types, and will have accomodations for new and/or returning riders at slower speeds and shorter distances. For questions, contact Livermore Cyclery Alamo at 925-718-8100. Other local rides not affiliated with FMRC
Sunday Long Run/Trail Run generally leaves at 8 a.m. Check Facebook group for details. During the Spring, Summer and Fall, a group periodically gets together to explore the beautiful trails of the East Bay Area. A different location and route is selected every 2-3 weeks, and runs generally commence between 8:00-9:00 a.m. Specifics about the meeting location and route are communicated to the club membership beforehand. Kid’s track at 4 p.m.. Cal High in San Ramon