How to add a new event entry and view RSVPs

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  1. Login to site
  2. From the left navigation, open “Events” and “add new” 
    1. If this is a race, you can copy from an existing template, Click Events > Events. Scroll to “race sample entry” and click Duplicate
  3. Enter event title and description.
  4. Setup the RSVP if not preset from the template. 

  5. In the dates, first enter the event date and end times which are usually the same day. If you don’t know the exact start/end time of day, do not set  times or set to all day.

  6. Select location. If the exact address is not known, select TBD, See Race Site or leave blank.

  7. Select Organizer if available. You may add new Organizers at Events > Event Organizer. If there is no organizer or information is not available, select Yes for High Organizer. AND, put event link into the “Learn More” section and set slider to Yes. 
  8. Select the color of the event type. See what colors go with what event types here.
  9. On the right side of the page, there is a section called “Event Types”. Check all boxes that apply, for instance Race, Challenge Series and Triathlon. This drives the event listings on specific pages as well as sorting capabilities. THIS IS IMPORTANT.
  10. Hit the “Publish” button on the top right of the page.

To edit an existing event:
1. Click on Events, find the event you want to edit, click edit.

To view and export event registrations/RSVPs:
1. Go to the events listing page via Events. 
2. Select the event you wish to view. 
3. Click on View Attendees or Download CSV under RSVPs. The attendees are also displayed on the site event page for logged in users. You can also email attendees from this screen. 

Volunteers Needed
If this is a challenge series race requiring a race captain or a social event requiring volunteers, add the roles needed. Be sure to add a link in the post to signup. This link is already included in the race even template.  Volunteers Needed



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