January 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

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  • Discussed change of account ownership for the bank accounts.
  • Joe delivered check to the grange hall for the kickoff party – was returned by re-mailed to them
  • Marty to handle announcements and MC the event
  • 5:00 PST we get access to the hall to setup, 6:00 PM PST, start 6:45 eating time
  • Paul to call Steve Howard, and Chris to invite them to the Kick off
  • Janet to get bread and wine, and soft drinks, Marty to check on plates and utensils
  • Paul to investigate beer or wine sponsor.
  • Paul to introduces sponsors and to talk swim program
  • Wolf to donate 6 entries to the club
  • Top Females; Jody, Kimber, Linda Flower (Gift Certs for Helmet etc)
  • Top Males; Brian Collett; Paul Perrone, Alex Turan
  • Discussions on what happens to Elite team people and their points, they entered points and received stuff. (Board has decided the program has been terminated)
  • Discussed having Linda Flower to promote races, and organize race captains.
  • Membership 138 new since last month = 3
    1. Tim Johnson
    2. Chris Howard / and Guest
    3. Chris Mattock
    4. Bridget Scott
    5. Steve Hom
    6. Rob Reinhard
    7. Justin Walsh and Norms
    8. Dave and Suzy Homer (Peets Brass Rail)
    9. Relzlaff Winery, or any Winery (Ask Phil)
  • Re-engagement campaign, get people to welcome new members and get people to welcome people that do join.
  • Let’s make a plan to have more social after kick off and actively promote and encourage, get old members back too.
  • Janet Suggests live feed from kickoff party on Facebook.

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