Jen Bayliss first half of 2016 Race report

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I started running again three years ago, after taking 15 years off to raise a family. Now, with three years of a solid running foundation behind me, this year has been the year for me to train and race for distances ranging from 5k to marathons. My tools and tricks are: strength training, rolling, regular core sessions, cross training, improving on my nutrition and vitamins and I rely on recovery as a big training tool. I do about 10 workouts a week varying in activity, effort, time and speed.

I get a lot of questions about my running/training, for example: Have you ever signed up for something you weren’t sure you could complete? How do you think your running is going? What is your favorite distance to race? My answer is, my running is all about the fact that I get to get up everyday and put my running shoes on and go running. No matter if I’m training, racing, running 3 miles or 26, placing or being on the podium is extra. What matters to me is that I am lucky enough to do it each day. I love fitness and running. If there is something I’m doing or some more you want to know about, I’d love to talk to you.

That being said, I did a semi annual race report instead of each one individually. Each of my ten races have one or two sentences then my top three takeaways for each one.

2016 Race report for Jen Bayliss

(10 races the first 6 months of 2016)


1/1/16 Brazen Half at Lake Chabot, Ca.

Started off the New Year with a 1:41 half marathon on a hilly course, 7:41 average mile pace for 13.36 miles. Top three takeaways: 1) The Brazen folks are so cool! 2) I kept telling myself as I was flying downhill that it is going to hurt so bad if I fall right now. 3) 1 AG, 2 OF- it was a good day.

1/17/16 Carlsbad Marathon at Carlsbad, Ca.

I knew I wanted the jacket and originally thought this would be my first marathon ever. Turns out it was my second. Top three takeaways: 1) I really, really like running by the beach. 2) Probably one of the top times I’ve been that sore after running. 3) 3:04:59, 7:03 average mile pace. 1AG, 9th OF-2:46:44 AG time. BQ 2017

1/24/16 Foster City 10 miler at Foster City, Ca.

A little bit nervous, ran a marathon 7 days ago. Top three takeaways: 1) Never run a 10 miler before so the unknown was lurking. 2) Head wind at mile 7, hill last mile, with a serious downhill to the straightaway finish while otherwise was a completely flat course, wasn’t so bad. 3) 1AG, 4OF, 1:05:22, 6:28 average mile pace.

2/7/16 Tallahassee Marathon, Fl.

My third marathon in three months. In my moms hometown on my oldest daughters (Allison) birthday, she passed away five years ago this year. With a mixed bag of emotions this was really the race I wanted most badly to run this year. It’s for her, time or effort would be whatever it would be. My kids, my mom and Dan were there. Top three takeaways: 1) Tallahassee is cold (36 degrees at race start) and hilly. 2) I got to meet Greg McMillian and I got to ask him questions and talk to him. 3) 3:07, 7:09 average mile pace,1AG, 2 OF

2/28/16 Couples Relay in Oakland, Ca.

5k racing after marathon training and racing is interesting. Brian Gunn requested a 20 second led, I got him a 10 second lead. Top three takeaways: 1) I hope I can run this race every year. It’s seriously fun with so many of us coming together for some healthy bantering. 2) My daughter Christine and Marcos Gomez teamed up and I was so happy do spend the morning with her. Marcos is always an amazing guy! 3) I ran a 18:57, 6 minute average mile pace. I don’t remember what Brian ran or what our overall time was and it doesn’t matter anyway, its couples.

3/6/16 Redding 10 miler, Redding, Ca.

PAUSATF race. Now that I had one 10 miler under my belt, I knew what to expect and felt I could run faster, my goal was to beat 1:03.59. I picked that time because I wanted to go under 1:04. I ran a 1:03:59 on my Garmin, The race clock had me at 1:04:02. 6:24 average mile pace. Top three takeaways: 1) I should train with Oleg, he is so consistent

And he past a girl right at the finish line. I want to do more of that. 2) Watching the Flyby’s on Strava was great. 3) The start and finish line are NOT in the same place. Note to self for next year, when you get back to the start (at the end), you still have to turn left, go over the bridge, around the corner and up a straight away. UGH.

3/27/16 Livermore Half, Livermore, Ca.

So excited to run a half in Livermore. At the start line Ed Maier and I decide we can hold pace together. Turns out he was the best pacer ever. We ran 1:24, 6:24 average mile pace. Top three takeaways: 1) the course was short, we all had 12.9 distance on our Garmins. So not cool for Livermore to claim a half distance then move the finish line up. 2) Dan and I rode our bikes through Livermore and to Del Valle after the race, that was really fun. 3) I’m going to run with Ed every chance I get- absolutely think this guy is awesome.

4/3/16 SacTown 10 miler, Sacramento, Ca.

I really wanted to go run better than 1:03:59! So I ran a 1:03:33,6:22 average mile pace. Top three takeaways: 1) Gun and chip time differences are tricky. I passed two ladies in my age group at the finish line, but they started the race behind me so it didn’t matter. 2) 4AG, 13th OF. 3) Pretty sweet finish, over the bridge and downhill to the shoot, good place to give it all you got if have wheels at this point in the race.

5/1/16 Devil Mtn Run, Danville, Ca.

I said to Chris McCrary a few weeks before the race that I really just want to win something. Its not that I want swag, or the podium picture, I just feel so close to a break out run these days, I want a win. So Chris gives me advice. He says to just run really fast! Top three takeaways: 1) Don’t take myself so seriously sometimes, I took Chris’s advice after laughing out loud at first. Didn’t win though. 2) Super happy that at Wednesday Night runs, me, John Hill, Davide Richmond, Jason Scheer, and Mike had been running 7 minute miles for tempos’s for 8 miles with a 6 minute last mile for the last 4 weeks. Came in handy racing slightly downhill on the Iron Horse Trail during this race. 3) 38:01 time, 10K, 6:07 average mile pace. Last three miles were all under 6. 5:59, 5:55, 5:51. Practicing negative splitting works!

5/15/16 Bay to Breakers, San Francisco, Ca.

This course is flat until Hayes Street hill, which is a good hill. Then gradually goes downhill to the ocean. I was first in my age group for the Hill. I do like hills! Top Three takeaways: 1) Davide Richmond has the best energy for his running. His positivity is contagious. Run with him if you get the chance. 2) Things I will only see at B2B, a centipede of three guys running with blowup dolls in between them, naked running people, and people running in gorilla costumes. 3) 47.06 time for 7.4 miles, average 6:19 average mile pace. 1AG, 15OF.




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