Lafayette Reservoir Run – Saturday, Oct. 25th

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Yay – a race in my home-town.  The Lafayette Reservoir Run offering a flattish, fast 5K or challenging 10K.  I always choose the 5K not because I don’t enjoy a challenging race but because I coach Cross Country & Track & Field at the local middle school and enjoy finishing early enough to cheer on the young upcoming athletes of this great town!!
I started off my race behind all the youngsters hoping when the gun went off that I didn’t trip over any of them.  Phew the first 200 yards passed and I was ‘little kid’ free without tripping!!  I work my way through the crowd gaining speed with distance.  I pass a few of the young athletes I coach cheering them along the way and they cheer back to ‘go Coach Diane’.  The pressure is on – to do well in front of the young athletes I coach and prove to them that training does help you improve!  I’m about a mile from the finish running along side a gentleman who hears all the cheers for me and wonders if I’m someone famous!  I let him know I’m their XC coach.  First place female is gone from my sight and I wonder whether I should slow down seeing as I can’t catch her.  My mind starts to talk back arguing that slowing down would give me a time I probably wouldn’t be proud of or I can suck it up and keep pushing to have a time to be proud of – what would I say to the young athletes I coach – certainly not to slow down but to keep on giving to the end.  So I do just that and keep on pushing to the end with my last mile clocking in at 6:14!  I finish in 20:25 placing 2nd female overall with a time to be proud of and 8 sec’s faster then last year.
After I finish it’s back onto the course as I start cheering in the kids and numerous Forward Motion athletes.  Happy to see all sprinting to the finish line with what seems like endless energy!

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